THE BLENDE DENTAL GROUP needed a branding process that was time- and cost-efficient to relay their emphasis on their house call practice.


By getting multiple perspectives on the brand and setting clear deadlines, we moved the process forward to develop a powerful new brand which set the tone for all communications and business development.


The branding process involved thoughtful background work, synthesized in a strategic marketing plan. Linc did market research, including in-depth discussions with all members of the team, customer interviews, competitive analyses and thought-leader interviews to map the business landscape and identify opportunities. This plan became the backbone of all initiatives, ranging from the evolution of the new brand, to how THE BLENDE DENTAL GROUP communicated with carefully segmented audience groups. This approach helped the organization avoid unnecessary effort and accurately monitor results.

  • Content Management
  • Marketing
  • Media Relations
  • Project management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Writing