_Market_ Research

Market Research

Get the Facts

What you need to know to make a plan and track results.

We get a sense of the context of your business.

Our actions

  • Interview key players in your industry and in your organization (customers, colleagues).
  • Conduct customer focus group studies
  • Perform searches
  • Do comparative web site reviews and/or site visits

Our Results

For Confectionary & Healthcare division of a food product manufacturer (over $10 billion in sales), researched market for health supplement;  defined a launch strategy for market entry (conducted original focus group studies, store checks, industry leader interviews, etc.); provided market launch direction and executive presentations.

World Health OrganizationFor the World Health Organization, wrote and published “Smoking Cessation: A European Market Analysis” and presented to more than 10 government bodies and health care organizations in DenmarkThe publication was endorsed by local action committees.

ShiseidoFor Shiseido Cosmetics, published “New Product Possibilities in the Spa Category” to investigate uses of the thermal water concept in cosmetic marketing in Japan; Shiseido headquarters used the results to drive product repositioning.