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Today’s audiences are sophisticated. Combine increased time demands with the incessant noise of irrelevant advertising and you get an audience who is very adept at filtering out your marketing. Recent updates to Google’s search algorithm mean that SEO methods that worked a year ago may now be detrimental to a site’s rankings.

The Current Landscape

We understand this evolution, and we see it with our clients whose branding, once fresh and alive, is no longer aligned with their audiences. Technology is changing, audiences are evolving – a whole new tool kit is called for, and it is ready for you here at Linc.

The New Tools

Whether we’re harnessing the granular targeting and advertising recently rolled out by Facebook For Business, or generating true engagement with a comprehensive content strategy, we match your business goals with the current landscape to bring your potential audience into your sales funnel.

Helping Your Visitors

Using sound research methods and intelligent interpretation of analytics data, our team can help you understand the movements and preferences of your audience once they reach your website, and redesign if necessary to optimize user pathways. We help your site’s visitors find their way to your goals.

Helping You

Want to get a quick idea of what we’ll do for your business? Email us and we’ll design a custom plan for you to review.

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