_Outcome_ Data Analysis

Outcome Data Analysis

Roll out and Adjust the Plan

For each marketing project, our written plan guides our actions and the evaluation to prompt recommendations for future steps. (On-going)

Tracking results and having a solid plan to communicate internally, among team members, is essential to long-term success.

Our actions:

  • Establish objectives, benchmarks and budgets.
  • Identify, manage and track effectiveness of each element of your marketing calendar and budget.

Our Results

For The Blende Dental Group, created Facebook Ads, which doubled number of Facebook fans during the campaign, 2 months. Results used to budget further spending on social media.

Estee Lauder CompaniesFor The Estée Lauder Companies, performed process analysis to study the new product development process and make recommendations for each group; achieved 20% reduction in new product development time-to-market and a similar reduction in product development costs through initiating specific measurements and automating product development.

P&GFor Procter & Gamble, France, researched the effectiveness of the ‘in-person sampling campaign’ to capture consumer interest; presented recommendations to management which led to product sample strategy changes and $2M savings.