Website Upgrade

ONE PARKER DENTAL needed a new web site, but wanted to achieve this efficiently, in terms of both time- and money expended. Linc helped drive the process by creating context based on target customer needs.

It had been several years since ONE PARKER DENTAL had updated their site. They noticed that customers were using digital sources (Yelp, and SEO) vs. pure word-of-mouth to research options, changing the business dynamics of the past. Linc Marketing worked with the team on creating an integrated marketing plan, and used this to craft a website that focused on customer needs and questions. We addressed issues ranging from customer reviews and testimonials to the types of blogs that would be reflect both the evolving nature of their practice and patient needs. The new site is responsible for a resurgence in web traffic and business growth.

  • Community Building
  • Content Management
  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Strategic Planning