Internal Communications

THE CHILDREN’S MEDICAL CENTER OF  DALLAS had created a program to reduce ER visits, which were reaching alarming levels due to many factors. In order to address this complex issue, they needed to initiate a behavior change on the part of the many stakeholders in the community. To initiate this change, they needed a way to simply and effectively communicate the essence of the issue and the plan. Linc help unite a diverse group of organizations around core activities by creating an “Executive Summary: Health & Wellness Alliance.”

Over the course of many months and activities, a team called The Alliance for the Health & Wellness of Children, had constructed a multi-pronged initiative to combat childhood asthma. Linc helped the Alliance transform their 200-page statement of purpose into 15 slides which would attract the attention of all audiences. Getting stakeholders to see the issue from the same point of view and provided the basis for high-level conversation the starting point for this massive community health initiative.