Online Communications – building virtual opportunities for a community to connect

We do this by: (1) finding the intersection between your organization and the greater community; (2) clarifying the best methods to communicate with your customers; and (2) determining how to track success and modify the plan over time.

The following are examples of communities we have built using the methods described above:

For Harvard Business School initiated an Advisory Board to address social marketing potential for alumnae connection and communication; 20 Board members oversee the development of a strategy to encompass school alumnae. 2010 – Present. Created and maintained

For Mari Kodama, Concert Pianist, designed, developed and maintained her website, communication plan and social media marketing, including a Facebook presence. Performed website analysis, confirming >1K web visitors/mo, > 25% click through to website from e-mailings.

For American Journal of Chinese Medicine, created and executed marketing strategy and communications campaign for both internal and external needs. Programmed its first public web site, using HTML. Created an internal communications program to engage international editorial board and optimize involvement.