5th anniversary of apps – impact on marketing tool kit

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success diagramIt is the 5-year birthday of the Apple iTunes Store, and, at the same, the rise of the world of apps. iTunes has become a powerful market space, and yet one that is still very tightly controlled by Apple.

Recently, I met with a friend to discuss his highly ranked app business (10,000 new users a day). I mentioned his rather poor ranking in Google search results. He seemed unconcerned: “Customers do not find me with Google. My world revolves around my ranking on iTunes.”

What he IS concerned about, however, is the tight control exerted by Apple over the marketing of his business within iTunes. There are very few tools that he has to affect Apple Store searches. His objective is to develop a means of mastering the Apple Store Optimization (ASO) tools he does have (though very few), and strategize about creating marketing to affect his iTunes ranking to win loyal customers.

Obviously, the “history” of technology and how it impacts our businesses is being written day-by-day, but it seems clear that learning to negotiate the world of app marketing/ranking will be crucial.

I suggest taking a glance at this great guide  to app SEO.