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HBR: Why is there frustration for the world of Data Science to reach its true potential?

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“Data scientists find communicating their work not only foreign but distracting.”

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A critical snap shot from this remarkable HBR article: “The presentation of data science to lay audiences—the last mile—hasn’t evolved as rapidly or as fully as the science’s technical part. It must catch up.”

The answer lies is #communicator skills, as well as in the concept of #empathy, underscored throughout this piece. I define this as the art of ensuring that those with differing skillsets communicate with one another clearly. This will allow teams to construct the linguistic and conceptual bridges needed to help data science reach its true value among the organizations it serves, including any industry that isn’t “tech,” from health care to retail and almost any other.

From an HR perspective, the article also delves into the art of understanding skills vs roles and how to create the most effective teams with a skillset that goes beyond traditional functional. It makes great sense and will be essential for many of us to implement in our orgs to ultimately arrive at the main goal – filling in the perpetual gaps and extracting the true value of what data science has to offer us today.

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