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New perspectives on Branding in the era of Social Media

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This is to share a thought-provoking piece on branding in the era of social media. Along with the reference to the observation that traditional branding models are failing as markets evolve, I appreciated the reference to the opportunities available in industries where customers are searching for alternatives, such as what we are experiencing today in health care.

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Beyond the opportunity in industries undergoing chance, one cannot ignore bread-and-butter marketing strategy as the impetus for all marketing activities. This articles makes the important point that the channel is the last consideration after clearly defining one’s business objectives. In my view, conversations on on either branding or social media must start with a thoughtful discussion of purpose. Why is this critical to this business? With a well-grounded marketing strategy that is tied to business objectives, the social media and the brand ID can be effective. Otherwise, efforts will prove wasteful in the long-term.

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