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Taking the mystery out of SEO – go directly to the source

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As we all experience in our day-to-day lives, Google searches have became the place where marketing issues play out for many organizations. When customers need information, they need it now, and are most likely to turn to a Google search. What does this mean for marketers? It means we all need to be aware of how Google ranks and what customers want to know.

Take a moment to see what SEO leaders at large companies like Walmart ask when they get the opportunity to speak directly with our Google gods. Particularly reassuring is that Google simply rewards those who use common-sense marketing practices that appeal to customers – great content that is responding to what customers want to know.  Also, of note,  in this clip is the fallout after major changes announced by Google last April (“sites that are not mobile will be penalized”).

Thanks, Jason Youk, SEO Internet Marketing Manager at Walmart, for your professional guidance in staying close to evolving SEO issues in our market. You gave me great tools to roll up my sleeves and stay abreast of issues as they unfold. Anyone can become an SEO expert by listening in on this conversation, and by spending an hour a week reviewing their Google Analytics.


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